Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions on granulation and Chilsonation.
What types of products do you chilsonate?
We have granulated Herbal extracts, Glucosamine products, Natural Sweeteners, and Vitamin Blends.
How do you size particles?
Chilsonation produces a compacted stick in a grooved roller that is milled and prescreened
The resulting particles are sized in a screener using screen sizes corresponding to the customer’s particle range requirements. Particles meeting specification are evacuated while particles overs and fines are re-cycled.
What about metal detection?
Particles pass through metal detection prior to packaging, the metal detector is checked beginning, middle, and end of each production.
What about reporting?
Each batch is analysed for mesh analysis according to customer requirements and reported by QA to our customer.
How much product is lost in the granulation process?
Product loss is typically between 1 % and 3% depending on batch size and the bulk density of the starting material. Product loss occurs normally in the discharging of the equipment and in dust collection due to airborne particles. This is also calculated and reported to the customer as part of the analysis.
What type of packaging of raw materials can you handle?
We are able to handle boxes, drums, and super sacks of raw materials; the final chilsonation is packaged in cardboard boxes.
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