Chilsonation / Roller Compaction Service

Roller Compaction Services.
Also known as Chilsonation and Granulation.

We provide pilot and large batch Chilsonation services also known as Roller Compaction or Dry Granulation

The Chilsonation of fine powders using the consolidation force of mechanical pressure exerted by two counter rotating compaction rolls.

The resulting product can then be sized to any desired mesh specification range resulting in improved bulk density and flowability.

  • Dry granulation does not require excipients, solvents or lubricants
  • Produces granules of consistent uniformity
  • Eliminates segregation and facilitates consistent analysis
  • Particle size range can be selected can be varied depending on application i.e. tablets or capsules
  • Granules can help prevent dusting, cross contamination, and product loss
  • Granules flow more easily and resist caking.
  • Higher flow rates can be achieved For solutions
  • Granules absorb liquids more readily

NOTE: Daily minimum capacity ranges from 500 kg upwards to 1500 kg depending upon specifications and starting materials.


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